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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

scope of bachelor in information technology

The constant evolution of information technology equals excellent job prospects for students; in fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a predicted 23 percent increase in jobs between 2008 and 2018 for workers in computer network, systems and database administration and analyzation. A bachelor's degree in information technology qualifies workers for one of several IT jobs, each with an average salary that varies depending on industry and location.
Average Salary
Companies require network and computer systems administrators to install and support local networks and systems that provide them with access to information technology, a job that requires a bachelor's degree in areas such as information technology. The average salary of these administrators was $70,930 as of May 2009, according to the bureau. Other information technology workers with a bachelor's degree may find work as a database administrator, testing and implementing changes to databases for the average income of $74,290 a year. These systems and networks are designed and tested by network systems and data communications analysts, who earned an average salary of $76,560 as of 2009.
The industry with the highest levels of employment for workers with a bachelor's of information technology was computer systems design as of 2009, reports the bureau. Network administrators earned an average of $75,280 in this industry, while database administrators earned an average of $81,250 and systems analysts earned an average of $78,580. The management of companies and enterprises employed both network and database administrators for salary averages of $72,280 and $77,770 respectively, and systems analysts worked for wired telecommunications carriers for the average salary of $78,810 a year.
LocationBoth systems analysts and network administrators earned the highest wages living in New Jersey, a state that offered respective salary averages of $90,120 and $81,160 a year. Network admins living in Maryland earned the second-highest salary average for their profession at $80,100, while California ranked second for systems analysts with a salary average of $85,190. Database administrators earned the highest wages in Maryland with a salary average of $84,300, followed by Delaware with an average of $83,560.
AdvancementThe bureau reports that, particularly for administrator positions, some employers prefer workers with a master's degree in business administration with a concentration in information technology. Analysts and administrators may have the opportunity to advance into such roles as chief technology officer, depending on their company. Other options include moving into higher paying industries, such as computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing, which offered network administrators an average salary of $89,840 as of 2009, or rail transportation, which offered systems analysts an average salary of $98,750, according to the bureau.

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